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“Wanted” is by no means a great movie. It is an out and out entertainer and does exacly that -provides entertainment. To appreciate the awesomeness of the action sequences you need to suspend your analogies of reason and what not but once you do it, it’s worth it.

If you are a genuine movie buff,  i am sure that you wouldn’t have waited all these days for some lame reviews to go watch the movie (Angelina Jolie must have made sure of that in addition to the trailers, of course). But on the other hand,If you are a hesitating, sceptical but nevertheless “love the movies” kinda guy, then i recommend you head to the theater to catch the movie in case you haven’t but if you have then i don’t think you belong to this category.

If you are the kind of guy waiting for the DVD rip to appear in your college’s LAN and are in the process saving up money for that weekly or bi-weekly chicken biryani, i wouldn’t want to recommend to you anything about anything that has anything to do with Hollywood movies.

Caution for a potential moviegoer :- Most of us scoff whenever we watch those old mythological movies wherein two arrows collide headon to destroy each other. In this movie the arrows are replaced by bullets (which simply refuse to go in a straight line).

For me the most memorable moment of the movie was when Mcavoy termed the audience “pathetic”.

Movies reminded:- Matrix, Fight Club, Minority Report


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