Spanish Raw Aggression wins over Swiss Serenity

After yesterday’s awesome match, i am not sure whether the population of humanity has gone up or come down by one. Federer was far from human before the match and the way in which he bowed out did little to contradict his stature. Sure he has a mental block against Nadal on clay but apart from that nothing he does is humane. Nadal has since long been considered as the human embodiment of the Energizer bunny but the way in which he stuck it out even after allowing Federer back into the match shows that he too is ready to shed the “human” traits.

A “human” in this context refers to the rest of the field which has it’s own stars like the massively talented yet mercuriously tempered error prone Safin, rapidly upcoming Djokovic, tenacious but no talent Hewitt, serve and wonder Roddick, and plenty other also-rans who play their roles with no fuss and create even less flutter in the tennis circles.

No matter how incredible the match was every thing seemingly went according to the Wimbledon script.

1) Nadal tipped by many to oust Federer showed why he was the favorite and raced to a 2 set lead

2) Rain interrupted and the momentum swung in favor of the 5 time defending champion

3) Just when doubts were beginning to raise regarding Nadal’s mental toughness on grass, rain interrupted  again

4) The match ended in near darkness and the dramatic comeback was not to be


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