They don’t even act Royal

Who the eff is Vijay Mallya to blame Dravid’s selection for the poor performance of Royal Challengers. He may be the owner and all, but had he known anything about cricket he would have known that his team’s overseas players are arguably the second best pick coming next only to the Deccan Chargers. The quartet of Ross Taylor, Cameron White, Misbah Ul Haq and Dale Steyn should have no problem in making into any team’s playing XI. Ironically, the teams with the best foreign based ammunition are at the bottom.

Even a six year old would know better than to heed Mallya’s advice when it comes to running legal franchises. So one can’t really blame Dravid for sticking to his own choice of players. Had Mallya been a successful man, he would have realized that it would be prudent for him to work upon what he has than to go about complaining on what he has.

The biggest drawback for RCB is their local contingent and how on earth is Dravid supposed to know anything about the local players. I’m sure Ganguly knew nothing about Dinde and Dhoni too would have had no idea regarding the existence of M.S Goni. The responsibility for the selection of the local players lies upon the support staff and by no means on the captain. Surely, Dravid must have known better than to pick Jaffer but then Ganguly too bought a Aakash Chopra ! Mistakes do happen but to go about mud-slinging in the open is surely unacceptable.

To be honest, Mr.Mallya has had more success with deals made under the table than with the ones made over it.  Just take a look at his franchises. He owns the Kingfisher Airlines which at last count accumulated losses of 300 mn US Dollars in a time span of two and a half years. What more, he also owns the Force India F1 team which also, only sees a one way flow of cash. So where does he make all that money from?? From the sale of Kingfisher swimsuit calendars?, I don’t think so.

So if indeed he wants his team to do well he should do what he does best, pull a few strings here and there and steer his team away from the bottom. What the heck, he sponsors 75% of IPL and owns the rest of it.

p.s:- The sale of kingfisher beer has been conveniently neglected for all that is worth.


7 thoughts on “They don’t even act Royal

  1. Have been reading ur posts fr some time now and hv come to enjoy them. would like to share my 2 pence abt this one.

    Regarding Dravid’s culpability in RCB’s failure, Dravid was given the responsibility of picking the team. He went ahead with the logic(and I quote Mallya before the start of IPL here) that players who have proven themselves in Tests can perform anywhere. Now this is totally rubbish. And also talented players like White, Misbah and Taylor were not played in many games which is captain’s decision. And before i forget Kallis was bought for an exorbitant amount and have been given many games inpite of him looking extremely uncomfortable in this format. I give it to you that the local talent of RCB is one of the weakest but even there i would blame Dravid to some extent for not identifying his requirements properly.

    Regarding Vijay Mallya’s reaction, you have to understand that he is a businessman and for him RCB is a business. In corporate world if u delegate a responsibility to someone and it is not executed properly then no amount of excuses will be heard. Dravid as the person responsible for selection and captaincy has to take the blame(not all of it but part of it atleast. Rmr tht the person who has been fired was the CEO. The captain is still there). And regarding his business acumen… come on man… he owns Kingfisher, Royal Challenge and McDowells. He makes more than enuff money on them. For him Force India is a publicity investment and Kingfisher airlines is with an eye on future(Lets analyse Kinfisher airlines returns abt 10 years down the line). His behaviour might come across as disgraceful in cricket world but i think its totally fair in business. Whether Cricket and Business should be mixed or not is another decision altogether.

  2. I believe he doesn’t really care about his team’s performance. All that he seems to care about is his brand name (as is the case with F1). He lashed out at Dravid only to fool the media into believing that he was concerned about his team.

    The post might have sounded different had Mr.Mallya’s outburst been sincere. There’s no denying that he is a brilliant businessman but the nature of his profit making ventures does leave a room for his detractors’ views.

    I believe Dravid was forced to play kallis since he had no other option for the fifth bowler.

  3. no ill feelings for Dravid, but even im surprised at the choices of players.Kallis is one such player. besides him i cant make much sense of picking someone like Sunil Joshi, who is 38 and is not even in karnataka’s team. and then anil kumble. all that kumble can do is bowl 4 overs. he can’t bat, can’t field. Dravid obviously knew about these players. I had high hopes on styn, but his performance has been disappointing.

  4. As Sreekanth said, the biggest problem with the RCBs is the local talent. Teams which have done well are the ones which have had good local talent.

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